Thursday, August 02, 2007

I almost forgot to breathe

And please don't ask why there was an empty Office Depot paper carton on the floor. JP put it there for Fly to play with, I guess.



Blogger Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Aw!!! I need to post more videos!

And just wanted to let you know that I did respond to your comment on my post!


3:19 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...


5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is some amazing walking!

5:34 PM  
Blogger Awesome Mom said...

Awww he is getting to be such a big boy! The next thing you know he is going to start asking for the keys to the car.

6:02 PM  
Blogger R said...

Perhaps out there is a woman reading your blog and watching your sons first steps... and her little daughter will grow up to marry to your son... and when you go to show her old home videos, she'll say, 'I'd love to, my mom has told me all about them!"

Could happen.

7:14 PM  
Blogger Lissete said...

Too cute! Those 1st steps are funny and breathtaking all at once!

7:28 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Swanepoel said...

Yay, Fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:30 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Flinger said...

Ahhh! Cutie pie walkin'!

10:45 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

But boxes are the best toys. We weave a dog leash through box handles and pull the girls around, towels padding the edges. Big fun!

What a trooper!

Your laughter was pretty magical to hear.

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How a-dor-a-ble!

8:21 AM  
Blogger Nadine said...

That was so cute. What a great job walking even with random boxes in his path.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! Go Baby!

9:19 AM  
Blogger Scribbit said...

He's really going--and with cheeks that cute and chubby it's amazing he can keep upright! I LOVE them.

10:01 AM  
Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

I'm in shock. Wasn't Fly an infant just yesterday. Walking, wow. What's next? Flying?

Great footage, I don't think I caught either of my kids' first steps.

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too cute! How great that you captured it on video. I stink at that.

12:19 PM  
Blogger Kristi said...

Oh wow! He's walking! I'm off to go wipe my tears away because I know it's only a matter of time before Isabella does the same thing. How has a year gone by so quickly?

1:07 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Ahhh! What a cutie! He's got some mad skillz!

1:42 PM  
Blogger Freckle Face Girl said...

Cute little walker!

1:43 PM  
Blogger Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Yay!!! How awesome is that?!! Look at him go!

11:39 AM  
Blogger groovyoldlady said...

Hurray for Fly Baby!

8:42 PM  

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