Thursday, October 08, 2009

I'd like to say I've been a bad blogger because I'm spending my time being a better mother. But that's not true.

OK, it's true that I'm trying to be a better mother. And it's true that Fly's third-birthday party knocked the wind out of me. (I'm such a rookie at this birthday-party business. I invited everyone I know who has a child. It was such a huge party that I was jokingly calling it the social event of the season for our county's preschoolers.) And it's true that after the party, Fly got sick and passed the cold onto Junebug, and when I got it, I almost wished I would just die already. We all still have a yucky cough.

But I am a bad blogger too.

Anyway, I know no one wants to hear me ramble about stupid excuses, so here are some photos, which, if anyone is still coming to this blog looking for new content, is all you probably wanted to see anyway.

Fly's preschool photo

Um, yeah.


One of Bug's first really big smiles

More matching outfits

Fly at his birthday party

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