Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How to lose a job in 10 days, unless you're lucky

Wednesday, April 12:

Here I have been obsessing over calling the acquisitions editor at the publisher that did my book. I gathered my courage and called once but could only leave a message.

Seems the book is doing so well they want another one. (Let me say it: hooray!) But talks have focused on a book that would require extensive travel. After some research and discussing it at length with my husband, we decided a book like that would be best in a year or so. It's almost summer -- and pregnant people and heat don't mix. When the kid gets here at the end of summer, I'll probably need a while to adjust to taking care of a baby before trekking around with him or her. The writing isn't so much the problem as the travel is.

So, how to tell the publisher? How to turn down the chance to write another book without turning it down? How to discuss the book like a professional who knows what she's doing and not leave the impression I'm just a female having babies who wants to be catered to? How do mothers-to-be handle this kind of thing? That's why I'm sweating it.

But he calls me today, so I didn't have to work up the courage to try calling again and face certain career suicide.

We go over the book possibilities again. There was another idea that surfaced once that didn't involve so much travel; could I work on that book idea instead? Because here's the thing: I'm having a baby.

Oh sweet joy of relief, turns out I worried over nothing. (Isn't that usually the case?) The acquisitions editor is fine with me working on a proposal for the not-too-travely book idea, and he has two young children of his own, so he's sympathetic. He even congratulates me. Twice.

This burden has been lifted, and I'm so glad. Of course, the book isn't a sure thing yet, but it's a strong possibility.

And I couldn't have gotten a better professional compliment than to have been asked to write another book.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratulations! I'm happy AND envious. mainly envious, i admit it! way to go!!

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