Monday, April 17, 2006

Did you say ... ?

Saturday, April 15:

My friend who is expecting (who just had the baby shower) is wearing full-fledged maternity clothes. She even has the jeans with the stretchy waistband. Her poor ankles are swollen. And she talks about getting back to running again as soon as possible.

She reaches out to touch my tummy and asks how things are going in there.

She is the only one I have let do this other than my husband. I guess I just can't deny another pregnant person.

Not that anyone else has tried (yet).

One night last week, she had bad cramps and went to the hospital, thinking maybe the baby was coming too soon. Waaaay too soon.

The doctor said nope. But she should pack her bag just to be sure.

I ask if she's done that.

"Yeah, I got everything ready," she says. "I washed and ironed all the baby's clothes," she says with a smile, "And I got the car seat strapped in the car, and I got my bag ready."

Rewind ....

"You ironed the baby's clothes?!" I ask.

For the briefest of moments, this bold person looks sheepish.

"Do you have those pajamas with the little feet?" I ask.


"How did you iron the feet?"

"I didn't iron the feet," she says. "I stopped at the leg."

She tells me her husband is set to record the birth.

"I told my husband he wasn't allowed to bring a camera to the hospital!" I boast.

Then she tells me her friend who gave her the shower claimed 24 people were in the room with her when her son was born, and by the time the baby was ready to come out, she didn't care who was there -- she just wanted that boy out.

Rewind ... 24 people ... taking deep breaths and thinking thoughts of tall amaretto sours on ice ....

I don't know if motherhood will ever stop surprising me. Ever.


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