Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dos and don'ts

Saturday, January 14:

Today is the first day I don’t feel sick anymore. I actually got through a cold without taking any medicine! No fun. I hope it didn’t hurt the kid. What if I had a fever while I was sick? Isn’t that supposed to be bad for a baby?

I’m also finding out the other things I’m not supposed to do or eat, courtesy of Internet searching: no uncooked hot dogs or deli meat (they might have the listeria bacteria), fish (too much mercury; some people say a little is OK), caffeine (supposed to be bad, but some reports say an occasional cup of coffee is fine), alcohol (big duh, except again, some reports say a rare glass of wine won’t hurt anything), nuts (the baby might develop allergies to nuts, which doesn’t make any sense to me), hot tubs (because they baby gets cooked?) . . . No sushi (not that I ever eat that), no scuba diving (not that I’ve ever tried it), no jumping out of airplanes (at least on purpose). And it’s best if you lie on your left side at night because that’s supposed to give the best blood flow to the baby.

The kid’s not even here, and s/he’s already taking over my life.

The temperature is still cold. How nice that it’s a long weekend, though.


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