Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shop before you pop

Wednesday, April 19:

Hey, I went shopping sooner than I thought I would.

Two of the tops my husband's aunt gave me on Easter are from Motherhood Maternity, which has a 10-day return policy. I don't think I've ever shopped at a clothing store that gives you only 10 days to return something! Anyway, I realized my time was about up and decided to take a breather and make a quick exchange on one of the tops, which isn't really my color. Besides, five maternity tops and no bottoms do not a wardrobe make, so I wanted to get some bottoms.

And bottoms I got. I exchanged the top for a pair of khaki shorts. Then -- as long as I was there -- I snapped up simple black pants and a below-the-knee tan skirt that has vertical strips of ripped fabric all the way around. Everything was so comfortable, and to my surprise, they actually already fit. I guess I am surprised because I walked in wearing my regular clothes. But, nobody freak out, because I made sure the shorts, pants and skirt had plenty of room for the baby to grow. I eyed the jeans but decided to wait until I'm bigger to get a better fit.

Speaking of fit, in the dressing room, I think I even spied the belly enhancer thing my aunt was talking about. It looked like a giant maxi pad with straps. I avoided it completely, avoided even looking at it. Who knows where that thing has been? Sheesh.

The maternity clothes are so comfortable they made me wonder for a fleeting moment of madness if I will ever want to wear anything else again. ("Maternity clothes for everyone, yay!")

But now that I've passed the fourth month mark, I have a feeling it will be only a few more months until I come to my senses and want regular clothes again.


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