Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen ... kinda sorta ... whatever ... um

Thursday, July 13:

OK, so I'm curious about this whole Thursday Thirteen business bloggers are into. I don't know how it started. But I have seen enough of them around, I think, to take a crack at it myself.

I'm a first-timer, so please be gentle.

Thirteen things I hate and love about being pregnant


1. Keeping antacids on my nightstand. I hate the heartburn. My throat has actually been sore almost all year. Not good for singing. Fortunately, recently my doctor said it was OK for me to take OTC Pepcid AC, which helps.

2. Bloodying lots of tissues. I hate the nosebleeds.

3. Rolling -- and I do mean rolling -- out of bed at 3:30 a.m. I hate getting up in the middle of the night to pee. (But I know it’s good practice for when the baby will be waking me up at all hours.)

4. Wasting my time. I hate having to go to so many doctor appointments and waiting forever to see somebody.

5. Being grossed out. I am squeamish, so I hate reading or thinking about all those gross birth things that (can) happen. I actually made myself sick once just reading about birth -- I had to put my head down because I thought I would faint. I know birth is a beautiful thing. And I know you think I’m a wimp. It’s just bodily-function stuff I can’t handle. So go ahead and throw your rotten tomatoes and eggs at me and tell me how I’ll never hack it as a mother.

6. Telling people the baby’s sex will be a surprise, and we like it that way, for the umpteenth time. I hate when people ask, “But deep down, what do you really want?” as though we're not telling the truth. I want a child with a kind and generous heart. Someone who will, say, find the cure for a dreaded disease or reverse global warming. Someone who can play a mean guitar riff.


7. Having the perfect excuse for having a tummy. I love not having to hold in my stomach like the proverbial “lady” (although sometimes I still do just out of habit -- fat lot of good that does!).

8. Not having a period. I love not having a period!

9. Being, er, carefree. I love not having to think about birth control!

10. Eating. I love giving into food cravings!

11. Feeling blessed by others' well wishes. I love that people are so happy and excited for us!

12. Thinking about the freaky-cool mingling of genes and so much more. I love knowing my husband and I will always be together in the form of this new life!

13. Thinking about my baby! I love knowing at the end of all this, my husband and I will have a baby to hold!


Blogger Julie Carobini said...

Ah...I remember it well. Okay, not until you reminded me, but I remember now!

How cool that you've got this nice running record to share with baby someday.

8:19 PM  
Blogger Cristina said...

Oh boy, you're making me want to get pregnant again! Except for the part about peeing all the time. Ugh, HATED that.

*thanks for visiting my blog by the way. I really like your template. Very nice...and congrats on your pregnancy!*

11:59 PM  
Blogger millicent said...

Great first list! One good thing is that a lot of babies stick to the waking schedule that you had of going least for a little while they do!
And when the birth comes--don't worry. you'll be in so much pain all of the yucky stuff won't be a deal at all! :)

11:03 AM  
Blogger LBA said...

I loved not having a period, it was the best.

Although, no-one told me I would then have a period for what seemed like 6months ( was it ? ) after the birth .. eurgh..

:) Congrats ! :)

6:45 AM  

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