Friday, June 30, 2006

A little spoiling

Friday, June 30:

JP's parents sent me an unexpected note with a Target gift card inside -- "for something nice for yourself." The gift card came in a cute greeting card with a rattle on the front.

Then I get a box from my stepmother, and inside are a quilt and matching pillow with sea creatures all over it -- which I'm sure her best friend sewed. There is also a little plaque with a house and two little footprints painted on it that says, "Our home has been increased by two feet." And that must be the handiwork of my grandmother (my stepmother's mother). There's no card or note included, but I'm as sure about the items' creators as an art historian would be about a long-lost Van Gogh.

Man, I really hope this baby (or me) isn't spoiled.


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