Friday, June 23, 2006

You're a mean one, mama grinch

Friday, June 23:

It's not often I get so amused -- sitting alone by myself working at home -- that I laugh out loud.

But today, I did.

And I laughed while looking at my online baby registry, of all things.

The invitations have been sent for the shower Roo and Star are giving me, and every so often, I can't help but sneak a peak online to see if anything has been snapped up.

Has someone purchased something? Did I forget to register for something? Are there items in all price ranges?

(I just know someone is going to say, “You didn’t register for X,” which in all likelihood means I already have X coming out of my ears, thanks to my family, or someone has already given that to us, or in the case of breastfeeding-related items, I don’t want people buying things for me that are going on or near my breasts. I don’t want them to think about my breasts while shopping. Leave my chi-chis out of this.)

And today, I noticed someone bought the high chair I registered for.

Not the top-of-the-line high chair JP's aunt wants to give us.

The laugh came involuntarily, and it sounded quite evil.

I can be so mean sometimes.

I actually picked out this high chair before JP's aunt started pushing her favorite on us (the same thing she gave JP's sister six years ago when our adorable nephew was born, as I've mentioned). It's compact and looks comfortable and easy to clean.

But just the idea that someone is giving us a high chair, and it's not even the one our aunt has been campaigning for, seems wickedly delicious.

May God have mercy on my soul.


Blogger Stephanie said...


*In case you didn't recognise it, that was my evil laugh...

10:21 PM  

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