Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Doing llamas

Tuesday, June 13:

I get an e-mail from my stepmother -- “Ann” -- today.

“Have you any progress on the nursery? Is the crib together yet? I know I didn't ask you before, but are you doing llamas?”

Yes, actually, that’s how I got pregnant. I’m having a new species called a hu-ma. All the intelligence of a human, but with the stability, endurance, fur and cuteness factor of a llama.

Probably a silly spell check thing.

But I tell her about the class that started last night and how it’s not called Lamaze, but “childbirth preparation.”

Wait until I tell my stepmother JP wants to go to “Daddy Boot Camp” like his co-worker.

Then my friend Star calls and says her trip to London and South Africa has been delayed, and because of that she’s going to miss my shower. She and her husband really need to visit his family before the baby comes. I just feel bad that she’s working on the shower and won’t get to enjoy it.


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