Thursday, June 08, 2006

FBI informant, uncovered

Thursday, June 8:

My newly pregnant friend -- "Star" -- and I had some catching up to do after the babymoon. (She is taking her own babymoon starting next week, when she jets off to London and South Africa, where her husband is from. Lucky duck.)

She tells me about her experience on Monday at my Ob's office -- now hers, too -- during her first full-fledged prenatal appointment. In order to distract herself from the blood being drawn out of her arm for testing, she ended up telling the nurses how rude the front-desk people are. (Because they were rude to Star, too.)

And she told them, "A friend of mine who goes here calls them the FBI."



By Star's account, the nurses laughed hysterically. She said that made their day. They acknowledged the front-desk staff rudeness. She even overheard one telling another about my name for this special group of people.

What have I wrought?!


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