Saturday, May 27, 2006

DIY overboard

Friday, May 26:

After lunch, I call my mother-in-law. She left a message on the machine last night while my husband JP (it's time to give him a name of sorts, don't you think?) and I were eating dinner.

She says she just talked to JP, who is coming over her house on his lunch break to pick up some items that our adorable nephew used when he was a baby.

There are a Graco Pack 'n' Play, baby monitor and a high chair that you strap onto a regular chair. If we want them.

I already know JP won't go for the monitor. He is super paranoid about security issues and is concerned about neighbors or drive-by crooks being able to listen in on our conversations. True to JP form, he is planning on making his own closed-circuit video monitor. The wires will go up through the attic, across and down into the baby room and other areas. I have asked him a couple times if he's sure he wants to go through all that trouble. He is sure.

(And then there's moi, who insists on sewing the baby's room decor instead of just picking out a complete room theme package for the nursery like everyone else. So I'm just as guilty at going DIY overboard.)

When he brings home the Pack 'n' Play and the high chair seat, the play yard is in a box ("The cleaning lady cleaned it as if she were cleaning it for her own child," my m-i-l said), and we're reluctant to take it out. After all, the "room of doom" is still more "doom" than "room." But the play yard looks as though it will work out. It's even the same color as the family room. The high chair seat is bright red, blue and yellow, and looks as comfortable as high school bleachers -- not what I had in mind, but easy to clean.

I realize you have to draw the line somewhere. You can't make everything yourself. I haven't found a lampshade that will fit the lamp that's in the baby's room, for example, and I'm tempted to make (or at least decorate) that myself. I'm thinking about making the baby birth announcements. JP is considering buying some unfinished furniture and staining it to match the crib. He's even thinking about building shelves, a toy chest and a rocking horse. But making my own high chair? Yeah, and why don't we cobble together a car seat and stroller while we're at it? Maybe forge all the child's eating utensils.

I suspect these DIY urges will go away once the baby arrives and there's no time to do anything ourselves.


Blogger Mega Mom said...

I think it is very neat that you are doing things yourself (and absolutely HILARIOUS that your Man-is-out-to-get-me husband--I have one of those--is making the monitor--I do NOT have one of those--a handy hubby that is). Sorry this comment is discombobulated, but you're the only one who will read it (oh, except for the husband part, I guess you'll show that to him :)

5:20 PM  

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