Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bundle me

Wednesday, May 17:

So I've mentioned a secret baby registry somewhere. I haven't told many people about it yet because I am still waiting for my husband to go with me to help pick out the bigger gear items.

But I told my stepmom -- she was the one who couldn't wait to give us the crib -- and she told her best friend (who has been like yet another mom), who went ahead and sent us an item from the registry.

And it has arrived! It's the JJ Cole Collections Urban Bundle Me, in green. This will be great when the temperature cools off only a few months after our baby is born. My plan (will it work?) is to avoid having to buy warm clothing for a quick-growing little body for the few months that it's actually cold where we live. I'll just dress the baby as usual, then stick him or her in this envelope/sleeping bag thingy to keep warm. Soon enough it will be warm again, and I won't have a pile of useless sweaters and fleece pants.

We'll see.

It's amazing to think about the people who have given us things for the baby already. Sometimes when I wonder if it's really true -- if there really is going to be a baby to come out of this weight gain -- I think about the gifts people have given us, and look at the sonograms. Yep, I reassure myself, a real baby is coming, ready or not.


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