Thursday, May 04, 2006

M is for mother, and Mother's Day is for me

Wednesday, May 3:

Oh. My. Gosh.

I got my first Mother's Day card today.

My first ever in my whole life.

Mother's Day! How could I forget about Mother's Day? I mean, not for my mothers, but for myself. When my little person gets a little bigger, s/he will make me a card with fingerpaint or make some crazy craft I won't know what to do with. Maybe later when s/he is grown, jewelry or brunch might be involved. Delightful!

The card is from my husband's sister. It's disguised as a thank-you note for her recent birthday present. But it's still a bona-fide Mother's Day card.

The best Mother's Day story I ever heard is from a former co-worker of mine. Together, she and her second husband had five young sons living with them. One Mother's Day, the boys wanted to make her breakfast.

They presented her with a tray of biscuits -- and a melted microwave.

Seems they turned on the (empty) microwave to time the baking of the biscuits in the oven, bypassing the nifty kitchen timer sitting on the counter. The microwave imploded. Or something.

"I am going to eat every one of these biscuits," she recounted telling them, rhythmically making a reach-grab-eat motion, "because they are the most expensive biscuits ever!"

Note to self: See if my family can avoid the death of kitchen appliances on Mother's Day. Make that every day.

For better or for worse, I am going to be a mom.


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