Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The missing piece of last week's puzzle?

Monday, May 1:

Tonight, I tell my newly pregnant friend about last week’s depressing call from my Ob/Gyn’s office.

Then she tells me a horrifying story about a friend who was dropped by her Ob/Gyn during her first pregnancy. Seems her doctor demanded she do something in regards to gestational diabetes -- I can’t remember what, exactly -- and Medicaid didn’t cover it, so my friend’s friend was kicked out of a network of physicians.

Is that what’s going on in my case? Is my doctor’s office so insistent on the baby getting a clean bill of health from the genetic counselor because otherwise, I’ll be persona non grata? She won't take another look at me or the baby if we're not "normal"? It's not as though I'm on Medicaid.

Now my husband is angry because A) I tell him I rescheduled the appointment this morning anyway, and B) he doesn’t like people bullying me into doing things I don’t want to do, and C) it seems neither my Ob/Gyn’s office nor the genetic counselor’s office has been forthcoming with information about what’s going on or what we should expect.

My husband says he wants to go with me to the genetic counselor appointment on Thursday. I have told him he is always welcome to come to any appointments that his schedule allows because I want him to feel included. But now I’m concerned if he goes angry, he’ll just make a fool of himself and embarrass me.


Blogger Guinevere Meadow said...

I'm sorry I freaked you out!!! :)

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