Thursday, April 20, 2006

See, I TOLD you babies are contagious!

Thursday, April 20:

So my friend who's giving the baby shower in a few months got a couple pieces of bad news this week. Another friend of ours suggested we cheer her up with a spontaneous barely-pre-lunch Starbucks drink. (We ourselves both indulged in blackberry green tea frappuccinos.)

For the surprise, we have to sneak into her office building (well, it feels like sneaking, anyway), try to remember the name of her company (it's a relatively new job) to do a look-up on the directory and head up there with her caramel frappuccino.

Our shower-giving in-office friend is surprised to see us and invites us back to see her cubicle and meet her cube mates. A co-worker tells us bringing the drink is a good thing because the coffee machine broke.

"Bringing the coffee is really just a ruse," our Starbucks-suggesting friend then says to us away from everybody. "It was really a way to get us all together so I could tell you I've caught her baby."

The shower-giving in-office friend and I blink. I turn around. Did I unwittingly give birth somewhere in the office?!

Then it hits us. (Big duh on my part.)

Exclamations, hugs and congratulations all around. We can't believe it. Here we are, the same three of us together again as when I told them I was expecting that Saturday we went out to lunch.

Our friend is due toward the end of December. A Christmas baby. We couldn't be happier.

Then we two pregnant people celebrate with lunch at a small cafe.

It's a very long lunch, punctuated by a stop at a bookstore for a pregnancy magazine (for me) and a blank journal (for her).

Now I have two pregnant friends!

And the uproarious thing about this whole scene is that we're all in or connected with the same band! People are really going to wonder ....


Anonymous HolyMama! said...

oh how fun!!

this means little, i bet, but here goes. i'm your first commenter on this post, and tonight i am home - missing my dear friend's baby shower due to a sick kid. when i was in her wedding 364 days ago - i was secretly pregnant! now let's have coffee!!

10:29 PM  
Anonymous HolyMama! said...

mmmm, did i mess that up somehow?

10:29 PM  

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