Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Take a bottle, drink it down ...

Tuesday, May 23:

My husband comes home with lots of bags from Whole Foods.

With me as his audience, he carefully empties each bag and explains the goodies.

"This one has no sugar, no caffeine and no artificial sweetener ... this is juice, so it has like 20 grams of sugar, but it has less sugar than some of the other ones I found ... this tea has only 4 grams of sugar ...." and he details how he hand-picked each beverage with me in mind.

I guess my mumblings about not knowing what I'm supposed to drink as a pregnant person -- and the breaking of our iced tea maker -- haven't gone unnoticed.

I'm so overcome that my husband was so thoughtful he went and found things for me to drink that I might like. My eyes actually teared up.

"You did that for me? There's so much to drink here I'm going to float away."

Really, though, how can a person be expected to drink only water? I haven't been able to find a replacement since the iced tea maker broke. (I have made tea the old-fashioned way, but it has taken so long that I'm through with my meal by the time I can drink it.) I have cut waaaaay back on diet soft drinks and other Splenda-ized beverages. And with the glucose test coming up next month, I don't know if I should drink juice or not drink juice because of its sugar content -- even if it's natural -- and I end up being thirsty.

I'm still not sure what to drink, but by golly, these Whole Foods beverages are going to disappear.

The other thing about my husband's random act of kindness that gets to me? In a different way? Is that he's being more romantic to me than I have been to him lately.


Anonymous HolyMama! said...

you are going to be so great at this, and your husband and the Whole FOods? WOW. Y'all are set.

10:49 PM  

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