Tuesday, June 13, 2006

She shoots, she scores!

Monday, June 12:

Guys are coming this week to put new windows in the room of doom and other parts of the house. So today has to be my day to run around.

I visit the unfinished furniture store JP likes to take pictures of possible dressers he might finish for the baby. But don’t tell his parents. They don’t want him to start any more new projects. I think that, for once, that’s a good idea because he’s overcommitted to projects already. But I told him I’d go.

Then I return to Babies R Us to complete the registry. At first, I am careful. I inspect all the items left on my self-edited checklist. I compare brands. I am sure I look as newbie as I feel. But you don’t shoot a gun, even a bar code gun, haphazardly.

Until you get the feeling you need to go to the restroom. (Where is it, anyway?) And you realize no one is going to take your gun or (mommy) badge away if you start shooting with abandon. And you pass the shelf full of strange infant beverages and realize you’re thirsty. And you have heartburn again but don’t have any antacids on you. And maybe that last frozen coconut fruit bar in the freezer at home is calling out to you.

So I start shooting a little more loose. Gee, I never thought about a special-for-baby pool float before, but it looks like fun. I’ve never seen one of these little air filters before, could come in handy. How about this cute little book with the fuzzy bear family on the cover? Why not? They’re not on the list, but what the hey? I get the necessities covered too.

Two hours later, I have covered my checklist and turn in my gun. But I get to keep my badge.


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