Tuesday, June 20, 2006

House Babyful

Tuesday, June 20:

When decorating your home, interior designers say to select items you really love, and show them off.

When expecting a baby, your inner decorator says, "What happened in here? There's baby stuff everywhere!"

A car seat -- still in the box -- is placed just so in the foyer as a reminder you need to install it in your car.

The stroller frame is a nice touch in the hallway, where surplus furniture from the room of doom is awaiting a new home to make way for baby furniture.

Precious baby sheets and blankets look good stacked neatly on your dining room table until the crib can be assembled and placed in the future nursery.

The kitchen is a perfect place to show off mother-to-be and father-to-be cards from well wishers. On the table, place gentle reminders of baby's eminent arrival where your husband sets down his keys when he comes home -- such as bassinet recommendations, birth plan, gift registry lists and fistfuls of hair from your head -- so he will be encouraged and excited to turn the room of doom into a darling nursery for his child.

Baby toys such as stuffed animals are natural decor enhancers for the home of the parents-to-be and may be placed on shelves or tabletops around the house.

However, if you subscribe to the idea of allowing common baby items (such as these stuffed animals) to pick up your scent so the baby will be comforted in the future by these toys, you may hide them in your chest of drawers -- that's right, go ahead and hide the only pretty thing that comes from expecting a baby. Walk-in closets are excellent places to hold baskets and bags full of baby clothing, until such time as the baby has a room of his or her own, or at least a chest of drawers for such.

Last but not least, display your sonograms in beautiful frames worthy of a brand-new life. When your baby is born, your sonograms will be a wonderful reminder of your early pregnancy, when visions of a charming nursery by your sixth month were fresh and sweet, and still attainable.

You'll find it's all part of the creative process when you begin decorating your home to welcome your baby into the world.


Blogger Stephanie said...

And then once all the stuff for the baby's room is arranged and put away, there are a million other things to take up the rest of your house. Swings and bouncers and playpens and jumpers and excersaucers and....

8:28 AM  

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