Saturday, June 24, 2006

Leaving the clutter behind for a little peace of mind

Friday, June 23:

Seems having baby stuff all over the house is just as grating to JP as it is to me. He is really irritable tonight and blames it on all the clutter -- the baby items that don't have a home yet because the room of doom still has his junk in it, which he is cleaning out and placing in the hallways, family room, office and guest bedroom -- virtually no room in the house is off limits to either baby items, excess furniture we should have gotten rid of eons ago, binders from his office, books, etc.

Glad to know it's not just me.

Tonight, I thought I'd finish writing thank-you notes to his family for the Father's Day gifts, put the car seat in my car so I can go to the free car seat clinic offered at Babies R Us tomorrow and go through my stash of fabric to clean up my sewing area.

What I accomplished was writing one thank-you note. And together, JP and I figured out how to assemble the bonnet that goes over the car seat/infant carrier.

With him antsy over all the clutter and wanting to get away from it for a while, and me in desperate need of some exercise, we took a walk.

Even though it was hot and stinky (our neighborhood just finished getting the roads blacktopped), and I was tired, we both felt so much better after a couple of miles.

Let me always remember what big effect a little walking can have . . . .


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