Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Graduation Day, Part 2

Wednesday, June 28:

Tonight is the last childbirth prep class. About a third of the regulars are gone.

Tonight's class is about breastfeeding.

There are several handouts showing all the things that can go wrong during breastfeeding, like sore nipples. The nurse teacher assures us that, with practice, we will get good at it, and everything will be fine. But with the frequent feedings newborns require, the pumping, the engorgement, the little things you do to make your breasts feel better or your nipples more like something the baby wants, breastfeeding seems like a great way to keep you from leaving the house. Or having a sex life.

Other than that, it sounds great.

We watch a video, and I wonder if JP will ever look at my breasts in the same way again.

Then we thank the nurse teacher for the series of classes and get a schedule for classes for July.

Next up: the infant CPR class, maybe?


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