Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Graduation Day

Wednesday, June 28:

JP and I visit the genetic counselor’s office. I know, I know, all I do is complain about how long the wait always is (a topic of conversation between two alarmed women in the waiting room this morning) and how it’s unnecessary.

But I want to see my baby.

The wait isn’t too horrible, and JP and I go into an exam room. While the ultrasound tech does her swooshing across my belly and takes her measurements, JP and I ask her about the technology and what everything is. I tell her she’s good at it and that she should get an Ultrasound Tech of the Year award.

The baby is 3 pounds and 12 ounces, she says. Then before we leave the exam room, she gives JP a long strip of ultrasound images and also a much larger image that shows a good close-up of the baby's face.

“This is just because I like you,” she says. “Don’t tell anyone.”

The large image of the face has “See you soon, Mom and Dad” written across the bottom.


Then we wait to see the doctor, who is wearing cute red ribbon wedges. She goes over what the ultrasound tech measured and says exactly what the ultrasound tech already told us. And then:

“All right, you’re graduated. See you with your next baby.”

JP and I wish we could celebrate, but he’s rushing to the office (“Can I take these pictures with me? It’s take your baby to work day.”), and I have work to get done at my home office.

I’ll post the ultrasound image if/when JP gives it back to me.


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