Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's our anniversary

Saturday, February 4:

Today is our anniversary. We have agreed not to give each other presents for our anniversary or for Valentine’s Day because my husband wants to get a video camera.

He has been wanting a video camera for at least five years. He has always said, “Especially if we have a little one.”

It’s my idea that he pick out and get the one he wants this year and go without exchanging gifts.

But I got him a card, and he didn’t even give me that much.

He tells our friends we’re going to Burger King to celebrate.

But we really go to microbrewery. Funny place to go when you’re not supposed to drink, huh? But the food is really good. I get a veggie burger and eat the whole thing. I’m stuffed. My husband eats a whole rack of ribs.

This kid is going to be a good eater.


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