Thursday, February 16, 2006

Of calendars and sunflower seeds

Saturday, January 21:

I do some more searching online. There are a million baby and pregnancy sites. Most of them are cheesy. One of them shows you a calendar where you can see day by day how the baby is developing.

Now, I’ve had to guess at when the conception took place. If it’s not too much information, I think it was about a week before Christmas. Which -- yikes -- I think means the due date would be Sept. 11.

I print out the calendar and show my husband. The calendar says the baby is starting to develop nerves. He feigns jealousy. “He’s making nerves? That’s more than I accomplished today. Little show-off.”

The calendar also indicates the baby is about the size of a sunflower seed. Luckily, I feed birds in the backyard, so I have one. I show it to my husband.

He is keeping the sunflower seed on his nightstand now.

My husband’s father’s birthday is coming up. He wants to tell his parents then. I tell him we’ll wait and see; I want to go to the doctor first.


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