Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Congratulations, it’s a parent

Tuesday, March 28:

In the past few days, my husband and I have been dreading hearing those kind words most parents probably hear:

“You’re going to make such great parents!”

It happened to me today.

A woman I work with on a certain project found out I’m expecting and called me up just to congratulate me. How nice. She’s not perceived to be a warm, friendly person by most people , either -- at least initially -- so I thought it was especially kind.

And she said those words.

I have mentioned this to my husband -- about people who say we’re going to be good parents -- and what he thinks of it. He also wonders about it. How do people know? What makes them think we’ll be especially good? What if we’re bad at parenting? What will these people think then? I’m not superstitious, but I almost feel these people are jinxing us.

Or is this just something you say to be polite, like “How are you?” without really indicating you care how someone is doing? I really don’t want to hear any B.S.


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