Friday, March 24, 2006

The baby really knows how to work a room

Friday, March 24:

Just came home from a party where I didn't think I would stay that long. The only person I knew was the hostess, one of my friends. It was fun to tell her about the baby, except I didn't really tell her. Like a lot of people, she just knew.

See, she's having a Desperate Housewives party. Almost everyone who came is a mom -- not necessarily a housewife (ooh, I hate that word -- like you're married to a house). Everyone was supposed to bring a bottle of wine and/or an appetizer. I asked if I could have some water. She extravagantly gave me a lemon Perrier in a wine glass. I said, "I asked for water because ...." And she knew.

She helped me spread the word around to the houseful of mothers, who were all happy for me. One woman in particular spent a lot of time talking with me about just enjoying this time in my life. And not feeling guilty to take naps. And to trust my instincts. And lots of other good stuff.

I also got to see my share of kid photos. One woman had a small clutch made out of fabric that had her children's photos on it.

I almost felt as though I had joined a club.

All in all, I know I'm just going to be thought of as the person who's expecting her first baby. But that's OK.


Anonymous HolyMama! said...

you went, and a roomful of moms did NOT regale you with awful unwanted mommy advice or horrific birth stories?!?! Yea for those women, who refrained! (Or to you who were just too gracious to tell on them)

11:43 PM  
Blogger Damselfly said...

No, pretty much it was just one mom. But her stories weren't horror stories, and I appreciated her interest. ;)

7:07 PM  

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