Monday, March 13, 2006

Having a baby is contagious

Sunday, March 12:

My friend who wants to give the baby shower calls to see if she can stop by tonight. We were supposed to get together today, but her little baby -- a cute little miniature schnauzer mix -- had hurt himself and needed to go to the animal hospital. She says she wants to give my husband "a little something" for his birthday.

My friend arrives with three bags! One bag is for my husband and has a card and photo album in it. How nice! Another bag has a cute baby congratulations card and beautiful fill-in books: one for the mother (that would be me) and one for the father (my husband, honestly). You're supposed to answer questions about yourselves and give the books to the child, presumably when s/he is old enough to understand and appreciate the books. The other bag, my friend says, she can't really call a gift because of the (invisible) smudge on the adorable Santa hat -- for Christmas time. She also found Christmas socks along with the hat at the local Toys R Us, which is going out of business, sniff sniff, just my luck.

She is having such a great time just sitting there and laughing it up with us, telling us what it will be like to have a baby. Later, she wants to see the few items I have already bought for the baby, and she is so excited that I wonder if she wants to have a baby -- another one -- of her own. (She already has the cute dog and a beautiful 16-year-old daughter.)

A lot of young women will tell you babies are contagious. There are a few women in my husband's office who jokingly refuse to be near him because they know babies are contagious, and they just can't get pregnant right now. On the other hand, one of my other friends can't wait to graduate from college and start a family of her own. It's possible I caught a baby from yet another friend, whose wife is due in June. And then there are all the celebrities having children right now.

I know it's probably just my perception, but it's like a baby explosion lately!


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