Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A ramble of relief

Wednesday, March 1:

It’s a pretty typical day until I get a call from the genetic counselor’s office.

“Your nuchal test came back normal,” the doctor’s office person tells me. “You know the blood test you took last week?”

“Uh-huh. Wow, that’s great,” I say. “What does nuchal mean, again?”

But really I am just thinking: Everything’s normal! Everything’s fine! The baby is healthy!

“That’s the test that screens for Down’s syndrome and trisomy 13,” the office person tells me.

I can’t wait to call my husband to tell him.

When I tell him, I feel like crying for some reason. And I start rambling. “You go in and they make you feel like you’re so old and everything’s so serious and there’re all these tests and you freak out because there are all these things that can go wrong . . . .”

I guess I didn’t realize how concerned I was about the possibility of something being wrong with the baby because of my age -- until I felt the relief of knowing things are OK.

Of course, I still have to take the spina bifida test. And any of these tests can give a false negative.

But I’m just so relieved. Yay, God!


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