Sunday, February 19, 2006

It all comes down to sex

Sunday, February 19, 2006:

You can really get caught up in all the baby stuff. It's just so tiny and cute.

I indulged just a little yesterday, when I bought a few things at Target. A package of onesies and some matching caps. (My husband calls them "sleeping toques" because he actually wears a ski hat or a skullcap to bed. Supposedly thinning hair and all that.) A soft fleece blanket. A package of washcloths. And a two-pack of plain white fitted crib sheets.

I don't even have a crib!

The distressing thing -- really, really, distressing -- is how many of the outfits on hangers on the rack are so defined by sex. I found only one outfit on the rack in the newborn section that was either/or. I don't know if it's just Target, or if all retailers think parents want to define their kids this way. If I knew what the sex of the baby was, sure, I'd buy some little girl or little boy clothes. But a lot of the designs are kind of stupid. So until I know the sex, I guess I can't stock up very much.

So that's why I bought only the unisex package of clothes in yellow and green.


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