Thursday, February 16, 2006

Everybody say, "awwww"

Tuesday, February 14:

My husband has a long day on Tuesdays and comes home really late. Practically right after dinner, we are crawling into bed, ready for some sleep. He finds the Valentine’s Day card I left on his pillow. I’m sure that, after my anniversary experience, he hasn’t gotten me even so much as a card.

“Do you remember in high school when you gave me 14 carnations for Valentine’s Day?” I ask. “Now we’re married, and you don’t even give me a card.”

Well, it’s true he didn’t give me a card.

But I found a gift under my pillow.

“We said no gifts!” I say.

They were actually gifts for the baby. My husband bought a two-CD set called “The Most Relaxing Guitar Music in the Universe” ( and “Guess How Much I Love You?” a great picture book. This might be too much information, but we actually took turns reading the pages of the book while we sat in bed.

My husband is a good reader.

I point to the sunflower seed still on his nightstand.

“You need to replace that with a walnut.”


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