Thursday, February 16, 2006

Whale dress

Monday, February 13:

My first maternity item arrived today. I told my husband it was a whale dress. I keep saying I am going to be the size of a whale. I guess I didn’t think about how I would feel about my body getting stretched and pushed and pulled until I actually start looking at these pregnancy magazines my doctor’s office sent me home with. Some of these women are huge! I simply cannot get that big! And yet, I keep eating -- and of course, you have to eat healthfully, which I have been.

Anyway, I got this dress on eBay. I told the seller it was the first maternity item I’d purchased. She was so sweet that, in with the dress, she put a cute little card wishing me and my baby a long and happy life.

The little tingles go up and down my arms.

It's a great dress, though. It has leopard-print trim. And it's one of the few I've seen that doesn't look like a muumuu. Not that I need maternity clothing yet.


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