Friday, February 24, 2006

The sound of waiting

Friday, February 24:


That’s the sound of frustration.


That’s the sound of losing one’s patience.


That’s the sound of both together.

I’m becoming a professional pregnant person.

Yesterday, my husband and I spent almost four hours at the genetic counselor’s office. This is a physician who specializes in genetic disorders. Because I’m past the magical age of 35, my OB/GYN said I should get a 3D ultrasound and a blood test to see if the baby might possibly have a disease like Down’s syndrome, trisomy 13 and other problems. (There is a chance of the test giving a false positive or a false negative.)

That alone took almost four hours. And of course, that doesn’t include getting the test results back. Most of it's just waiting.

Today, my OB/GYN appointment took more than two hours. One of those hours -- one entire hour -- was spent waiting in the exam room by myself after the nurse had taken my “vitals,” plus used the Doppler device to check the baby’s heartbeat. I finally went into the hallway to see if they had forgotten about me. The FBI weren't forthcoming with information -- if you don't ask lots of detailed questions, you won't know anything over there -- but at least they seemed a little nicer.

I am glad everything is checking out to be normal. The 11 blood tests from last month, urine samples (sorry if that’s too much information), the back of the baby’s neck from the ultrasound yesterday (measured as an indicator of certain genetic diseases), everything is so far, so good. My doctor doesn’t think my back pain is caused by the pregnancy, though. She told me to pay attention to what shoes I was wearing.

But all this waiting around is driving me up the wall. Waiting accounts for most of the time spent in these doctors’ offices today and yesterday. Almost four hours at the genetic counselor's office = 20 minutes of time spent with genetic counselor. Two hours at the OB/GYN office = 10 minutes spent with the doctor. This doesn't happen when I visit the dentist or my eye doctor.

Next time, I’ll bring some work with me.

On the plus side, my husband said it was nice to spend (almost all) the day with me yesterday. We got to see the baby doing flips with the 3D ultrasound. And today, I treated myself to the special at my favorite café down the street, when usually I never eat lunch out.



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Doctors. Don't ya just wanna shoot 'em?

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