Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bring on the baby gear

Sunday, March 5:

It's Sunday, so that means leafing through the Sunday newspaper. I am beginning to notice all the baby-related ads. (I am beginning to notice all kinds of baby-related things I never noticed before, but that's a whole 'nother post.)

One of the things that pops out at me is a bike with a little trailer that's pulled behind. My husband and I discuss the pros and cons of such a contraption.

We have been talking about other baby gear like strollers, car seats, backpacks and the like. We enjoy outdoors activities like hiking, kayaking and off-road biking, so we need baby gear that goes along with those activities.

One of my very first memories is of the cherry trees in bloom in Washington, D.C. My mother drove me there on her way to visit her cousin in Maryland. The beautiful pink blossoms made such an impression on me -- maybe that's why I like nature so much.

So I want this baby, too, to be impressed by the beauty of nature when we take trips outside.


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