Thursday, August 30, 2007

Russian to the rescue

This week, Fly and I took a trip to Russia with the Little Einsteins in the new DVD Rocket's Firebird Rescue. Really! The movie puts together several components of Russian culture -- especially music, our favorite -- along with some magic to create an entertaining, but educational, DVD. Rocket and characters Leo, June, Quincy and Annie travel to Russia to free the musical firebird (from Igor Stravinsky's ballet) so music can be heard across the land once more. Every story has a villain, though, and here it's an ogre in the form of one of those Russian nested matryoshka dolls. He hates music and uses magic to keep the Little Einsteins from getting to the firebird every chance he gets.

Rather than being just a regular movie that you zone out and watch, the Little Einsteins are interactive, talking directly to viewers -- asking you to sing or clap or answer a question. That would definitely engage an older toddler or a preschooler! Even though I think Fly is a toddler now, he is still a little too young for the Little Einsteins. But the colorful, music-filled DVD held his interest for a while. (For the record, I don't let Fly watch a lot of TV or DVDs, but I think once in a while is fine.) While I love the interactivity and focus on music, I thought some of Rocket's Firebird Rescue was a little advanced for most toddlers or preschoolers -- like when one character describes a Russian building as "so Byzantine." (Then again, maybe you have your own Little Einstein who rolls the names of architectural styles right off the tongue!)

If you want to see some clips of the movie, check out a snowstorm scene and the fun instrument forest scene.

The DVD includes a second fun movie called Rocket Soup. The Little Einsteins have to feed Rocket, and the ingredients to make his special soup come from places all over the world. So not only does Rocket Soup teach nutrition, but geography, too.

The Disney folks provided this DVD for review, and also the DVDs that will be given away next week during Fly's "Growing and Giving" first birthday celebration! Check out Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams and Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Treat. Good luck winning!



Blogger Mean Mommy said...

My son has actually been asking for this video by name. We saw a preview for it on another L.E. video. Maybe for his birthday later this month (he's turning 3).

Oh...and those Princess Tales. My daughter goes around singing "I've got the keys to the kingdom, the world is *mumble mumble*" I think the lyric is "open wide," but she changes it every time she sings. This from another preview of course.

I tell you, you try to keep the kids away from commercials and they find it somewhere anyway...

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Susan said...

Thanks for the review. I didn't know this was out...but my kids love the show. Thank Heavens for Tivo...I have about 10 episodes recorded!

7:06 PM  

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