Thursday, November 15, 2007

Birth tubs, maxipads, sadism, poo -- I've got it all!

It's a kick to read when other bloggers show what search terms people use to find their blogs. I've been collecting search terms too. Here are several of the best.

Birth tub blog
Honey, if you can blog from your birth tub, you da woman!

Maxipad straps table
Is this the feeling that you have a whole table in your underwear while wearing a maxipad?

Words to mamma
The best ones are "I love you."

Hard questions for children online
Sounds like someone is trying to stump their children with riddles.

Sadism and me
Sounds like a fun memoir....

Internal organs squashed
Best when the organs are still inside your body, or else your chances aren't too good.

Getting hair straightened while breastfeeding
Um, don't you think you should nurse the baby first, and then go to the salon?

Girly tools
Is this what women use while flirting?

That would be Fly!

Poo wearing clothes
You can dress it up any way you want -- it's still poo.

Contractions constant pain
No kidding!



Blogger Guinevere Meadow said...

LOL! That's funny!

3:03 PM  
Blogger oh amanda said...

momivore! love it!

Once someone searched for "the crocodile who ate 300 people" and got to my blog. Yeah.

8:09 AM  

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