Monday, July 10, 2006

Out, out, red spot!

Monday, July 10:



I guess no one is going to lynch me about the comment fiasco ....

Whew, thanks!

I had a follow-up appointment today about my ankle/foot infection and have to take another week of antibiotics because, er, it's still discolored. (Sorry if that's too much information.) The front desk people messed up my appointment time, but they still let me in.

Putting up my foot all weekend (um, yeah, that's what I did, 100%!) really helped, but I wasn't good at it. There are still so many things to do to get ready for the baby in the next eight weeks. And who knows, the kid could come sooner than that.

If the baby was already here and I got this infection, and the doctor told me to put my foot up all weekend, I probably would have just laughed until she threw me out of the office ....

So I better get all injuries out of my system now while I can.


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