Friday, July 28, 2006

Questions for the day

Friday, July 28:

Why do all new baby clothes and other cloth items (like wash cloths) come folded and secured with enough tape to wrap and re-wrap Christmas gifts for the entire town of Whoville? None of my clothes come taped ....

And why do all the neutral baby items have ducks on them? When did ducks become the equal-opportunity symbol of gender? Ducks are cute, but I think there’s some kind of poultry conspiracy going on here. I never imagined my baby stash would be filled with so many ducks.

Why does my cat now want to massage my stomach, when before she massaged my chest and arms?

And why do strangers smile at my big, round pregnant stomach? From what I understand, these same people probably won’t be smiling a couple years from now when my baby is a toddler throwing a tantrum. Maybe they are smiling because they know what’s ahead, and they think it’s hysterical someone else is going to go through what they have already gone through. Or maybe these people smile because they’re glad it’s me and not them.

When people tell me I have that pregnant glow, don't they realize it's just makeup?

How come I seem to be the only person on the planet who doesn’t know the “why” behind pregnant women not picking up heavy things?

If you’re not supposed to sleep or work out on your back, how come the first thing they want you to do at the doctor’s office for your checkups is lie down? And how come many medical professionals seem to think lying on your back is a good way to give birth, essentially pushing out your baby uphill?

How did I mindlessly eat 10 chocolate chip cookies yesterday? Ten?! After the baby, I’m cutting out all sugar until my weight comes down again.

Does the baby know how much I can’t wait to see him/her?!


Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

Thanks to the 1ooth celebration, I came across your blog. Aww, how I miss being pregnant. For me, that pregnant glow was sweat.

I totally remember all the tape on the baby clothes, and who has the time for that when you're trying to get ready for a baby? Also annoying are those outfits were each piece is connected to the other pieces with the plastic bandy things. Scissors anyone?

I promise if I see you with a screaming toddler, I'll smile for encouragement, we all need it!

6:35 AM  

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