Friday, July 28, 2006

Let me tell you all about my wife's placenta

Thursday, July 27:

"An assistant at my office said because you have a lot of heartburn, it means the baby will have a lot of hair," JP says to me.

"What?! You're going around telling people I have heartburn?"

[unintelligible mumbling and stammering]

"I hope you won't share the details of any of my private parts," I say, just to let him know I wouldn't appreciate that. "People don't need to hear about my uterus or how much I dilated in the hospital or anything like that."

"Well, people ask me how you're doing," JP says. He's sweet; he's an innocent; it's part of why I love him.

"They're just being polite; I just tell people I'm fine."

No need for full disclosure of my reproductive system to people I don't even know!

So in yet another old wives' tale that continues to be perpetuated, hair makes heartburn ...?

JP and I were both bald babies, so our baby will probably be bald, too.


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