Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Doing shots and monitoring sleep

Flybaby had his six-month appointment today, a week early. He's now 19 pounds and 27 inches. (And PS: he now has four teeth.) Getting shots really sucks, for him and for me. Our pediatrician said Fly is doing well and that I should enjoy this time with him. And I am enjoying it.

But talking about how much I'm enjoying Fly's babyhood made me forget to ask the doctor a list of important questions I had. And when I mentioned how each week, Flybaby seems to be
sleeping one hour less at a time at night, Doc didn't make any comments whatsoever. He did ask if Flybaby is still spitting up, which by the looks of his battle-worn baby T-shirt you can see that he is, and still made no comment. But he wants me to feed Fly meat and other solid food goodies now, and I'm thinking, Great! Now Fly can spit up white (breastmilk) and colors too!

Oh well. At least we got some shots and Bugs Bunny bandages out of the visit. And a pilfered magazine from the waiting room.

In other Flybaby news, he slept in his own room last night for the first time -- mostly because we never had a monitor before now! But he's really too big for his Amby baby hammock (sniff), and JP and I thought he'd sleep better in his crib. Now, maybe he did sleep better. But I'm not sure that I just didn't hear him crying through the monitor! There's a big difference between the sound of a baby crying next to your head and a baby crying in a monitor. I wonder if he cried and I just didn't hear him because after putting him to bed around 9 pm (and then again at midnight), I didn't hear anything from him until after 5 am -- very unusual these days with the teething going on. Good crib sleeping? Bad monitor? Bad mom? We'll see what happens tonight ... unless I miss him too much and figure out another way for him to sleep in our room....

In his hammock in November

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Blogger Scribbit said...

Man if I'd had a baby hammock I'd be a much better person today. That would have made a huge difference.

Do they come in adult size? I desperately want one.

11:35 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Swanepoel said...

Trust me, a baby crying in a monitor isn't TOO much different! Unless you had the volume down too low, you'll still respond to it! I'm so happy that he *apparantly* slept so well last night!

11:24 AM  
Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

Are you kidding, a mother could be at the next house and would still hear her baby crying even without a monitor. My kids always seemed to sleep better when they were in their own rooms. In fact, they sleep even better when they spend the night at the grandparents'. What's up with that? Perhaps I snore.

10:09 AM  
Blogger LBA said...

That hammock is *gorgeous* !

Don't worry, you would have heard him cry .. he's obvioulsy a happy little bubby in his new bed.

Don't doubt yourself :)

2:05 AM  

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