Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What I'd Wear Wednesday: A near-doppelganger

What I'd wear today if I could: anything at the fun blog I found like just five minutes ago called (get ready ... are you ready?) What I Wore Today. Brilliant! I think I'm in love. Kasmira in Cincinnati posts pictures of her outfits, and she looks fabulous.

If I can't be Kasmira or wear her clothes, though, I'd pick a beautiful, cozy hat from my favorite milliner (everyone has a favorite milliner, right?), Louise Green:

So romantic and yet funky too.

Do you wear hats? When?



Blogger Kristi said...

Super cute! I used to be a hat girl in college. I wore them everywhere. But alas, no longer. :(

2:39 PM  
Blogger Kasmira said...

Thanks for the link love! I'm glad you like my blog. That hat is de-gorgeous!

2:55 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Swanepoel said...

I'm sad to say I don't have a favorite milliner...

3:10 PM  
Blogger Maddy said...

Used to wear them all the time and I had a cloche similar to that. Times change as do life styles.
This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

7:46 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

I always want to wear hats, but rarely do. I'm not sure why. I always wonder if I'll really be able to pull it off.

11:07 PM  
Blogger Cathy, Amy and Kristina said...

I used to wear them, back in my early 20s. Love the one you chose.

And that blog -- I'm going to become an addict. How does she do it?

1:58 AM  
Blogger ohAmanda said...

No, but that is GORGEOUS!

Here's another blog w/daily outfits:

12:41 PM  
Blogger Cynthia said...

I am sitting here in a baseball hat right now, that doesn't count. I can't wear fashion hats, I just never know what occasion to wear them for. I do love them, it's just not me...

2:22 PM  
Blogger jodifur said...

cute hat. I look ridiculous in hats.

9:58 PM  
Blogger Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom said...

Looove that hat!

Wow, that lady really likes herself :)

Can't say I agree with the yellow pumps!

5:22 PM  

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