Monday, April 24, 2006

The questions and observations of a good little nerd

Monday, April 24:

Another day, another doctor appointment.

I think I have narrowed down the main problem with the front-desk FBI to one person.

I walk up and sign in on the clip board.

"Good morning," I say.

"Do you want to make a payment?" she grunts.

I give her my card. She hands me the bill to sign without a word.

"Thank you," I say, giving it back to her.

She puts a receipt on the counter in response.

Joyful character, isn't she?

Fortunately, the others in the office are much nicer.

This was just my regular monthly checkup. I saw my beloved nurse practitioner again. To my great dismay, she will not be one of the medical people around on the Big Day. In fact, I learned from her, there are actually two days out of the month (one weekend) when I could possibly end up with a complete stranger Ob/Gyn. That's when none of the doctors in my doctor's practice is on call that weekend, and they "carpool" with a group of other doctors.

My husband says to me, "Did you tell them that the father would totally freak out if that happened? Are you kidding me -- you might see someone you don't even know?"

"You know," I say, "That's just reality. It could be worse. And the nurse practitioner said she knows all these doctors, and they're good. The chances are good we'll have one of the regular doctors."

I also bring a list of questions with me like a good little nerd -- I mean patient. (That's what the nurse practitioner suggested I do on my last visit. "Otherwise, you'll forget your questions." "Yes, I will." "Of course you will. You're pregnant.") What does she think about having a doula? (Fine.) When do I discuss birthing options? (Anytime; kind of vague; all the doctors are open and will let me do what I want.) Am I gaining too much weight? (No.)

Have I felt any baby flutters yet? I'm not sure.

And I find out not only has my doctor added another physician to her practice, but there are more rooms newly opened one floor up. My doctor, she's growing. Just as the baby is.

I'll finally get to see her during my monthly appointment in June -- the first time since conceiving -- half a year after conceiving. Sheesh.

Best news of all -- the spina bifida test came back just fine. It would be nice for them to call like the genetic counselor's office does (I elected to have the spina bifida test done at my Ob/Gyn's) so I don't have to wait a month to find out.

I guess with them, no news is good news.

After the appointment this time, I did not celebrate with a coffee or cupcake. Instead, I got a bird bath and a cotton sun hat.


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bird bath and cotton sun hat? very healthy choices!

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