Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wardrobe Wednesday

What I'd wear today if I could: this look from Express. You start with a simple pair of jeans and a cami. Then you throw on a blazer and a necklace, and you look "dressed." The blazer also hides spit-up, at least until the blazer itself gets spit up on. What could be easier? The strappy heels are great for going out, but you could wear a different (read: low-heel) shoe. I might even fall back on a pair of fancy flip-flops, although I'm sure some people would disagree with me there....



Blogger LBA said...

See those shoes ?
I used to wear nothing but.
It wasn't me is it didn't have a heel.

Now ?
I'm a runner. Flats, with grips. Mary-Janes all the way.


NOT that i'm complaining .. but it is a different life for me to be wearing such motherly footwear ;)

4:49 AM  

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