Wednesday, August 09, 2006

In the good ol' shower time

Sunday, Aug. 6:

It’s a party!

About a baker’s dozen of my friends and family are gathered at my friend Roo’s house for the baby shower. Everyone is happy. Roo has balloons and decorations up in several rooms. Snacks on her dining room table. Presents piled on and around her bar. Her miniature maltese/miniature schnauzer mix son is entertaining everyone in the family room and helping himself to all the attention he can get.

All for my baby.

As soon as everyone has arrived, she starts the first game, in which we have to match the guests to their baby photos (my idea!). It’s really hard -- and I’m the only one who knows everyone who has come!

We play another game about baby animals, which I win, but I refuse to take one of the prizes. (I actually don’t make a fool out of myself over the shower games this time around.) We play baby bingo.

Roo has a spread for lunch on her kitchen table, and everyone helps herself to yummy stuff. We all eat, and people are getting to know one another. Mothers share stories of their pregnancies -- or in the case of a couple of my friends, their adoptions.

Roo makes me cut the beautiful cake and then directs me to a big chair to open the gifts. The gifts! Amazing. About half the guests have shopped from the registry; the other half have given me really unique things I didn’t know existed, and fun books and CDs. Roo and Star have stolen the show, however, with their special joint gift: they put together a Close to My Heart scrapbook for the baby so all I have to do is put the baby pictures right in place for an amazing, creative, personal album. I’m afraid I’m going to cry because I know how much work they put into the scrapbook (and the shower), but I have to keep opening gifts quickly because the shower is taking so long -- and I tend to be slow about opening gifts.

My neighbor (who keeps mentioning she would be happy to play surrogate grandma) has been so kind to drive me to the shower and back, and people help load her car with the gifts.

I’m so overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity and good wishes. Sounds overly sweet, but it’s true.

I’ll post pics later if anyone sends good ones my way -- most of mine came out blurry.


Blogger Lori said...

It sounds like you had a lovely time at your shower. I'm glad that you were surrounded by so many people who care.

9:53 AM  
Blogger h&b said...

That is such a lovely post.

( I love matching people to baby photos - so cute ! )

3:05 AM  

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