Tuesday, August 15, 2006

You've been pregnant too long when ....

Tuesday, Aug. 15:

You know you’ve been pregnant too long when:

You begin to really identify with whales, and you actually envy them because they get to float in the water all day -- even the pregnant ones.

You no longer care how often you have to pee, or if anyone is counting.

The muumuu-style shapeless dress your sister-in-law loaned you now looks like a comfortable and fashionable outfit option, and you don’t understand why your husband hates it.

The idea of gaining 35 pounds no longer makes you break into a panic.

Seeing your abdomen lurch violently to the side, causing other people to stare agape, doesn’t seem unusual.

“Three times’ a charm” is the phrase that keeps coming to mind when pulling on your panties.

You feel at home among the watermelons for sale at the market.
You forget that you own shoes that you have to lace up and tie.
Who's gotta good one?


Blogger h&b said...

Heh !
When I compared notes with my Mother's Group *afterwards*, we all agreed we thought we looked *faaaaaabuuuuulouuuuus darhlink* .. it was only with the benefit of hindsight we saw ourselves for the beached whales we definately were ...

The good thing is, if you breastfeed, it acts like liposuction. Next time i'm gonna breastfeed longer, and give up the Mini-Mars-Bars earlier ....


3:10 AM  
Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

I actually got a comment from a male friend (not the hubby, although he did say it often) once that I looked sexy.

I always felt like a weeble, you know, rolly polly and legless, except I always seemed to fall down...

8:05 AM  

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