Friday, September 07, 2007

Growing and Giving day #5 -- Fly's birthday!

Happy birthday cake to Fly! He's a year old today. I don't know how I've gotten through this motherhood business for a whole year. Divine help, is all I can say. God is looking out for Fly by helping me. I'm not going to write a teary-eyed post about Fly or motherhood or watching babies grow into toddlers. I'm saving those thoughts just for him. Just as he and I have secret songs, just as I know his body language without needing words and just as I see myself in him with untrained thoughts, I feel those sentiments are for us to share. Even though I'm a writer, I don't feel I could communicate all of that in words, anyway. Becoming a mother, knowing the joy of watching a baby unfold and flourish into his own little being, realizing JP and I will be together forever in the form of our child -- it's all just Too Big.

I am so happy to celebrate Fly's birthday with you, though! And today's the last day of the giveaways, sniff sniff. I wish I had gifts for all of you. But today's Gap gift card goes to Oh Amanda! Fly picked her card today at random. Congratulations!

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Blogger ~Melissa~ said...

Happy birthday Flybaby!!!

9:49 AM  
Anonymous oh amanda said...

Happy Birthday Flybaby. Your post was beautiful even without the secret love words!

And I already knew I'd love flybaby. But now I really really do! Thanks fly!

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Flybaby!

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Melissa Garrett said...

Woo-hoo!! Happy Birthday big guy! What an exciting day for everyone :-)

4:44 PM  
Blogger Jodi said...

Happy B-day cake!

4:35 PM  
Anonymous chelle said...

Happy Belated Birthday Flybaby! May all your birthday wishes for your sweet pea come true this year :)

8:48 AM  

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