Thursday, September 06, 2007

Little black book tell-all

Fashion quiz time! See how many of these statements you agree with.

1.) "I hardly bought any maternity wear ... instead, I just wore a lot of loose, comfortable jersey and cotton dresses, long tanks and tees, and bought jeans a few sizes too large for me normally and wore them low."--supermodel Heidi Klum (who strutted on the Victoria's Secret catwalk nine weeks after giving birth)

2.) "[A woman] should exude confidence, charisma; the beauty and style will happen on their own."--designers Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana

3.) "Without a doubt, the most stylish asset that any woman can have is confidence."--designer Donatella Versace

4.) "You should never stand still."--designer John Galliano

5.) "Be comfortable in your own skin. Don't follow trends. Only wear what looks good on you, but update it. Rock whatever you wear and smile, honey, smile!"--supermodel Iman

6.) "A woman is stylish no matter what she wears if she is comfortable in her own skin. I love when a woman is uncontrived and simple with a sense of inner strength."--supermodel Elle MacPherson

7.) "You have to figure out where you are going and what you have to do and then just go for it."--designer Diane von Furstenberg

8.) "Less is more."--designer Carolina Herrera

9.) The hallmarks of good taste are "all in the eye of the beholder."--designer Oscar de la Renta

10.)"Look for your natural inner animal magnetism. Be confident and have fun with fashion."--designer Roberto Cavalli

Whatever you agree with, it really doesn't matter. As many of these quotables point out, style is about being who you are and being an individual. I don't know about you, but I feel off the hook! (Although, I am still laughing over Heidi Klum's maternity wardrobe. And John Galliano's statement about never standing still? That's every single mom in the world!)

All of these fashion celebrities and others are in the new book The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia. Garcia is the fashion director at Elle magazine and has also been involved in Project Runway on Bravo. Her little black book is a perfect place to start if you are feeling blah, revamping your wardrobe, looking for some fashion inspiration or in need of a relaxing, fun read. Other than the chats with designers and supermodels, this little black book does have practical advice such as what to wear for certain occasions (how to dress for a first date, for example, but unfortunately not how to dress for a first play date), and also the basic items every woman should have (a little black dress, a classic white shirt, cashmere cardigan or turtleneck, trench coat, jeans, a man's classic watch, diamonds, ballet flats, classic high-heeled pumps and a great bag). There are also tips on how to edit your wardrobe, choose accessories, how to find a good tailor and most importantly, how not to become a fashion victim! There's a fun guide to fashion by decade over the past century. All of it is enhanced by wonderful illustrations of fashion characters in every possible style of dress.

Basically, I love this book because it points out style isn't just for rich, skinny people. If you have confidence, you will look good in anything -- even a mom uniform worn while never standing still.



Anonymous Rebecca said...

*still snickering over the John Galliano quote*

How to dress for a first play date ... I'll have to cook on that, it'd make a fun post. ;)

3:07 PM  
Blogger carrielouise said...

I'd agree with the whole confidence thing. To a degree. I've seen some very unkempt women at work, shopping for groceries, who seem very comfortable in their skin and holey t-shirts, but would I wear that?

No way, Jose'!

And I don't know if any of these supermodels would change their tunes if they had no money in the clothing budget and thirty extra pounds post baby to carry around!

Fun stuff.

4:24 PM  
Blogger Nadine said...

Sounds like a good book. I like Nina Garcia on the show. I watch it all the time.

9:34 PM  

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