Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Win a gift card from a lame lemming

Jessie at The Lucas Zoo has won the giftcard! Thank you to everyone who stopped by and shared a comment here at Growing a Life. Please visit again the week of Feb. 10-16 for another chance at a giveaway!

Do you know what it feels like to have hundreds of people post a comment on your blog?

Oh, you do. Oh, um (awkward silence) . . . .

All right, I confess I don't know what that's like. (But it's quality, not quantity, I'm after anyway. And all of my regular readers are quality commenters!)

But I admit I still wonder what that would feel like. Hundreds of comments, ahhhhh.....

So that's why I'm lemming myself into the Bloggy Giveaways that are taking place this week, organized by Rocks in My Dryer. Speaking of bloggers in the hundreds, there are hundreds of giveaways going on there this week. (As if you didn't already know....)

Not only am I a lemming, but I'm also lame, and that's why my giveaway item will be an $18 (plus change) giftcard to TJ Maxx, which is what I received when I took back a gift after Christmas. The Maxx assures online visitors there are more than 800 stores, and so someone has to have a great desire to leave a comment, win the giftcard and go shopping for reduced-priced designer items. (Last time I was there, I saw a Vera Wang nightgown -- improperly placed on the dress rack -- for $15! Vera Wang, people! I also saw one of my What I'd Wear Wednesday items -- this little number -- for a third of its original price!)

So, to enter, leave a comment but not at this post. You must leave a comment on any other post here at my blog and mention the code word TJ Maxx somewhere in your comment (even if you just tack it on at the end of your comment).

I'll announce a winner sometime this weekend. Good luck!

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