Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dreaming big

Wednesday, March 22:

I’ve been thinking about the months ahead. Naturally. Back in early January, it hit me that I’m going to spend most of this year pregnant -- and the rest of it learning how to take care of a baby (and getting my body back, oh hope of hopes). Yep, 2006 is going to be the Year of the Baby for me.

And somewhere along the line, I started to wonder: Is my adult life over as I know it? Does life end when the baby is born?

And I started to wonder: Are there things I should be doing right now before the baby gets here? Not just like the baby’s room, but personal things?

Are there things I haven’t done in my life that I could or should do right now before it’s too late?

And is this selfish?

Brainstorming some things:

- Read the seven (at least) novels on my nightstand I haven’t read yet.

- Finish the novel I wrote last year (50,000 words already down!).

- Take a “girlfriend” trip.

- Get a makeover at a cosmetics counter in a department store without fear.

- Dye a few little strands of my hair pink.

- Write and record some songs.

- Design my own clothing line.

- Buy myself some expensive chocolates and eat every last one of them.

- Help rescue a stranded marine creature.

A lot of these are grandiose ideas, but you gotta dream big.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yep. make a list and do it. i finished a novel, this last pregnancy, and the one before that too. (writing, not reading!)
it's not the END of those things, but is going to be a break from the convenience, say, of a department store makeover without a kid there to cry and poo and eat. don't go overboard, but yeah, a list is good! it'll be a great year!

3:57 PM  

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