Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pregnant with various observations

Wednesday, May 31:

My husband, JP, and I are leaving tomorrow for our "babymoon!" If I have a chance to post during our trip, I will. If not, I'll post next week.

- - - - -

It seems half the people around me are super-sensitive to my comfort and needs during pregnancy, and the other half have forgotten that my current state makes it harder for me to do certain things. Either way, people in both groups don't seem to listen to a word I say anymore -- me, the one voice of moderation between these two sides of thinking. Being pregnant has made me both the center of attention and yet invisible at the same time. It's almost patronizing. Maybe it's time to unleash the Wrath of the Pregnant She-Beast.

- - - - -

Speaking of being the center of attention, I'm glad I'm not the only one in my little band who is pregnant. With two other women also expecting their first children, I don't look like as much of a spectacle. That's comforting, and it's reassuring to be able to share pregnancy stories with the other moms-to-be. Because I work from home -- alone -- the band is a big part of my "social scene."

- - - - -

And speaking of being invisible, I called JP's aunt after finding out from his mother the aunt had been calling stores every two weeks to see if we had registered somewhere! I told his aunt she didn't have to do that, and told her where we are (now officially but not completely) registered. I told her we didn't register for a few "big" things on purpose because both she and JP's parents want to give us something big for the baby, and we wanted to give them first chance to choose from a few things we still need. So I told her what those big items were -- and then all she wanted to talk about was another, different big item, the same big item she purchased for JP's sister when she was expecting!

- - - - -

JP's sister is a mystery. I recently called my mother-in-law -- MM -- to ask her about family friends who need to get an invitation to the shower my friend is giving for me. (My friend wants to get the invitations out soon.) MM told me JP's sister is thinking about giving a shower, too, and so any family friends would probably go to that shower instead. This is the first I've heard of it. I don't understand why his sister has to do everything through their mother instead of talking to me directly. The play yard and high chair seat, and now a shower? These are nice things to offer, but I just don't get why she wants to communicate to me through MM. (Junior high moment: "Would you tell Michelle she can borrow my curling iron?") I guess there's no good way to turn down a shower, but maybe I'll think of something. It's just weird ... and it doesn't give me hope that my husband's family will hold together when his parents are gone, and we're the oldest generation.

- - - - -

My own sister called yesterday, which almost never happens, under the guise of wishing JP and me a good trip. She did a very good job of being nonchalant in asking me what the baby's heart rate is, sandwiching the question in between "Bon voyage" and "I'm getting my mulberry tree trimmed." But I know her too well. She calls only when she wants something. And in this case, that something was the heart rate -- because she thinks she can tell what the baby's sex will be from that information. I didn't let on that I knew what she was doing ... and I hope her guess is wrong! Serves her right. I will be happy with the baby whether it's a boy or a girl, and everyone else should be, too.


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