Thursday, July 06, 2006

Doctor appointment: Footfalls

Thursday, July 6:

Back to my Ob/Gyn's office, my first two-week appointment.

Except hardly anything seems to be about the baby. All the attention is on my foot.

And wouldn't you know the nurse who told me not to worry about my cat scratch is the one taking care of me today!

I don't realize it is her at first -- I have only a voice to go on, after all. But based on her reaction to the sight of my red ankle and swollen foot, I am shocked to find she is the same nurse who saw me during the appointment back in January when I found out for sure I am pregnant. I thought she was so on the ball at the time . . . .

"That's not a scratch," she continues, "your cat mauled you!"

"Yeah. But it's just this one little spot here that got infected. The other scratches or bites didn't get infected," I say.

The elf doctor has come in on this conversation, so I figure I don't have to bring up how unimpressed I am that a nurse there told me to nevermind my injury. The doctor doesn't like the looks of my ankle.

This hurts because I am so proud of my ankle. I couldn't wait to look at it this morning to see how it healed overnight, and it did. It looks better. And there's no pain at all when I walk. It now looks as though I just got a sunburn and my foot has puffed like a warm marshmallow.

However, the doctor tells me to stick to complete rump warming and keep my foot elevated above my heart. And come back on Monday for a follow-up. Unless I develop a fever (which I haven't yet, not even in the hospital). Or unless the redness goes outside the line she draws on my ankle with a pen (yee-ouch).

And yes, I'm still in my Ob's office, not a dermatologist or podiatrist.

I'm so disheartened. No errand running. No weekend (again). No fun.

And I don't even remember to confirm the results of my gestational diabetes test from my last visit, or find out anything new about the baby.

On a happier note, happy birthday, Karen!


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